Thursday, March 15, 2007

How Random.

This Weeks dare was set by the lovely Kel

She dared us to write a list of craft items then get someone uncrafty to pick 3-5 of them. Then we were to make a card using ONLY them items (basic cardstock was allowed)

hmmmmmmmmmm tricky huh!

Well W decided rather than pick off a list he would venture into the dark domain which is known as my craft room and just find 5 random things. And off he toddled evilly laughing to himself. When he returned 4 days later he had in his grubby little paws...

1. Diecuts
2. Ink
3. Ribbon
4. Hot Fix Crystal Wand
5. Peel - Offs

Yes the guy thinks he is hysterical chosing the things I cant use lately. So I slapped/kicked/bit/inflicted injury on him for a while, then sat down to think of a design.

And Here is it - Mono Birthday

I started off with a normal white A6 card blank and using repositionalable (thats not right, but cant think what i mean at the moment) adhesive I stuck circle frame DIECUTS all over it randomly. Then using a black versa cube INKPAD I dabbed the ink all over it gave it a few minutes to dry and got very inky peeling them all back off. I was quite impressed with the pattern it left and used that as the main image on the card.

I used black RIBBON (not sure where I got it from SA possibly?) to add detail across and down the card, and the Hot Fix Crystal Wand to attach little silver rhinestones (whilst singing Rhinestone Cowboy may I add) at the edges.

To finish off I cut a piece of white card (allowed as basics) and stuck a black PEEL OFF greeting onto it and inked the edges. This was 3D mounted and hey presto, a card I am actually quite pleased with!

I might have to have a look so see what else I can do the background effect with.

Am going Wedding Dress shopping with my Mummy (***SMILES!***) so will update when I get back.

Love to you all xxx


Kathy said...

The background looks really neat, tracie. Wayne was a "Very Naughty Boy" picking the peeloffs though - you've done such a good job with this and made a really stylish card.

Gillian Hamilton said...

Tracie this is just brilliant!!!.. that BG you created is amazingly clever..
enjoy the wedding dress shopping :o)

Sam Morris said...

You let him in your craft room????? *faint*


Fantastic background design and love the mono colours ;o)

~ Sam

Rhi said...

I love your card Tracie, great use of your items, and very norty Mr Bongirl for picking peel offs and sniggering!

Susan said...

I laughed when I read about your 'helper'! But what an amazing effect from the diecuts and ink dabbing! I agree - it looks great. (Did the evil laughter stop when he got a look at this beauty??)

Paula said...

I so love the classic B&W scheme. Fab card.

Frog said...

Tracie lovely card, i like black and white too.

Andrea xx