Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mothers Day

I hope everyone had a fab mothers day? I spent it in the car coming back from my mums.

The three of us went down to visit my mum for the weekend and had a great time. Saturday was spent wedding dress shopping with my mum and my sisters (its chosen!!!!) then Saturday night we (8 of us and 2 children) went to a all you can eat chinese buffett and us girls treated my mum and step dad to their meal. We had a fantastic time and I cant remember the last time I laughed so much. We joked and talked about everything including Twin Sisters new boyfriend (only 18 but took the jokes about his age well) and the past tense of Hang-glide (handglued? hangglid-ed?) Mum wanted a pic of the three of us so we all stuck orange segments in our mouths and smiled - not sure its what she wanted?

I had a lovely mothers day. Baby J bought me a lovely mug which said "to mum from your little devil" which is great cos I constantly complain about not having my own mug. I also got a lovely cuddly teddy bear holding a flower, saying I love mum. Its so Cute.

Baby J also made me a card (using their own purchased supplies!!) although I think he may have had some help from Daddy especially in the writing of it. Although by the matching scribbles in the card, and on his t-shirt, and duvet he definately helped. What do you think?

(and yes I know I am paranoid by blanking out his name but you never know do you)


Kathy said...

gosh, such a clever little man you've got there - and I mean J - not W!

Rachel said...

sounds like you had a fab weekend and what a lovely card