Monday, October 30, 2006


This was a tag posted by a lovely contributor to the Dare blog so thought I would have a go at my first one!

1) What technique would you consider to be your "trade mark" (what do you do most?)
Hmmmmm probably squares with embellishments which make my cards really boring.

2) Which technique(s) do you wish you could do/do better?
Stamp! I cant and so wish I could as I see some gorgeous stamp art about. I get is a mess with the ink and it splodges anywhere - does anyone ant to teach me?

3) What are your 4 favourite embellishments?
Ribbon, buttons, flowers and patterned paper

4) What are your 3 favourite gadgets? My Bigshot (soon to be replaced by a dream machine!!!) my Creative Memories tape runner and my craft scalpel

5a) What do you like to do but haven't done in a while?
b) And what have you done recently & forgot how much you enjoyed?
Crafting in general, I had got out of the habit and now I am firmly back in the driving seat and loving it

So if you are reading this why not answer the questions yourself!

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Paula said...

Thank you for playing along. I've never been tagged & thought i'd have a go tagging others it is really nice to see what people like to do.You get a feel for the person behind the designs this way.
I'm not hot at stamping I tend to rock them but I intend to get better as my quest is a month of techniques & to produce a card every other day with the results. After the high of my sisters wedding Im back to earth with a bump & need something to look forward to...this is it I can't afford champers everyday lol!!!