Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dare 2 is up!

And woah is it a toughy, but I cant wait to see your cards. Lookie here if you dont know what I am on about

The challenge this week was to use something from your kitchen - well if anyone actually knows me they will be laughing right about now. You see I dont "do" kitchens, or cooking so this was a particularly hard one for me but here's what I managed.

It was simple to do if a little messy. Firstly I drew my pattern, in this instance flowers with the end of a wax candle onto my card. Then using a foam brush and a little red food colouring I painted over it to make the background pattern and rounded the corners. When it was dry i mounted it onto a square card. I then attached a square cut from a cereal packet (blank side up) and a second square of homemade pattern. I assembled two paper flowers in white and red and used tacky glue to attach a silver ball cake decoration.

Then using a black pen i doodled squiggly lines and wrote the word "daisies" around the edge. I then accented this with red pen flowers and dots.

And while I had the cake making bits out, I came over all domestic godess and maked some fairy cakes too!!!! Impressive huh!

Dont forget to join us over at, we would love to see your take on our challenge.

Oh, and does anyone know how to remove red food colouring from skin **blush**


Kathy said...

So there you go Tracie - look what happens when we send you into the kitchen. You'll be cordon bleu in no time at this rate.:-)

Rachel said...

Tracie fab fab card - and J will love the wax candle and colouring when hes older!. Reminds me of when I use to colour a page in different was crayons and then go over it in black and they scratch a pattern to reveal the colour underneath. Wow those cakes look yummy - bet W wondered what had happened to you in the kitchen hehe. xx

Paula said...

Really clever idea, thinking back to childhood days of candle wax & lemon juice for invisible letters...
Those buns were just the right reward for your innovative thinking me thinks!!

LisaBabe said...

Great card Tracie. Cakes look pretty scrummy too. Feel free to come round and look for stuff in my kitchen anytime if that's what you do.