Monday, October 02, 2006

October already?? How did that happen??

Oh my god, today is the 1st October. How on earth did that happen? Who stole a good 3 months? That means there is only 85ish days till well you know, that day! I have one pressie tho so not doing tooo bad. Oh and I have written lists, I like lists they make me happy.

This weekend we journeyed south to visit my family. My little sisters baby is due soon and we had bought her some bits and pieces so took them down for her. Had a good time but it always reminds me how much I miss them being 4 hours away, although when i lived there 4 hours wouldnt have been far enough lol.

On the crafting front - well i hold my hands up and admit that the crafting session didnt happen. I am sorry, shall I go and stand in the corner? This week tho I have a huge crafty to do list so must get some things done. I have cards, canvases, scrapbook pages and a mini book to do so must crack on really. Will update as soon as I have done them to prove i really am a crafter and not a mad malingerer.

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Jane said...

we need to see a picture of this new craft room ! Hope you manage to get that long list done !