Friday, October 06, 2006

I am soooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!

.............and I cant tell you why!! I know, i'm sorry how mean is that. All I can say its that there are major rumblings going on and the chance to get involved with something with some great designers. Watch this space!!

On the crafting side I have been working on my huge list of things to do. I have started on the canvas but havent decided if its "understated and simple" or actually just "bare and uninteresting" maybe I should post it for your opinions? Have also been working on my part of the huge charity quilt that the forum members of Crafts by Carolyn ( have been working on. I am not a great stitcher but couldnt miss out on the chance to be part of such a huge project.

On the homefront baby J is poorly - teething we think, so we have got our work cut out with him at the moment. He has gone back to waking up in the night from sleeping through and is generally grumpy. Bless his little heart. But we have recognisable words now as well as his sign language he uses - not bad for 8 and a half months huh!?

Plan for tomorrow is to do some more work on the canvas and to start on a keyring album for my mum. Wish me luck.......


Jane said...

poor little J. Its a horrid time that teething time. sore everything !!

as for other stuff......can feel lots of excitement ! grin

Lythan said...

grin grin grin.
teeth are over-rated aren't they.
Just been with my big boy who needs fixed braces and everything. Just have dentures and be done I reckon.
There, that was helpful.

Kel said...

Poor J - hope he's not suffering too much? Ooh, all this excitement is getting a bit much for me... ;-)

Bex said...

Hiya Tracie
Found your blog via the secret blog that shall not be named it seems!!

Come on girls - the secret is out and you are in danger of losing a big reveal seeing as some of us saw it linked yesterday!!!!

Good Luck with it
Love Bex xxxxx

Rachel said...

awwwww poor baby J, I know what your going throu hun - Jacks getting his 5th tooth now (thats 3 in the past week)

Isnt it great when they start talking (omg Ive just forgotton I havent blogged about Jack saying mom this week) - off to do that right now

well I think the secret I thought I knew was way off so Ill just have to wait it seems!.