Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Been one of those days today .....

Yep had one of those "urgh" type of days today. Yesterday we took Baby J to the doctors as his 8 month check showed an extra crease in his thigh. I assumed it was due to his chunkiness (he has his mums genes) but apparently it means something to do with displacement of hips so he has to see a consultant at the hospital. Of course I have spent today researching it online (stupid I know) and have seen scary pics of all sorts of scary braces and casts and that. The 2 weeks till the appointment seems so far away. Fingers crossed its nothing major.

On the crafting side I have well ermm, ok so I havent actually *MADE* anything but thats beside the point right? W has converted the Cellar into a craft room for me, I now have storage for everything, and two, yes TWO, desks so i can chat, oops i mean craft with a friend. Will have to upload some pictures so you can all marvel at my organisation. Will have to do that before I make something obviously, as afterwards it would look like a bomb site. I have lots of projects in mind, and I have done really well at the shopping side of it but the rest can wait till another day. The problem is that the crafters block has gone and been replaced by talentus abscodititus. Basically everything I make lately looks pants... and not the sexy skimpy type either - big fat tent like flowery granny pants! yep its that bad dear reader.

At Harrogate Papercrafts extravaganza this past weekend I purchased a few "un-me" like papers in the hope that maybe my talents lay elsewhere as yet undiscovered so tomorrow we seek! Yep thats it, I am pencilling it in the diary, you ready for this .... TOMORROW I SHALL CRAFT ..... watch this space ;)


Saffa said...

Aww heres hoping its nothing serious for babes!! Try not to worry yourself!

And congrats on your craft-cellar!!

Can't wait to see what you come up with!!


Kathy said...

Fingers crossed Little Man is ok.

Try not to panic - they can sort this sort of thing out really well these days.

If you get any of that crafting inspiration stuff back - could you spare a little bit for me please?

Rachel said...

awwwwww the little mite, hope things are sorted for him soon xxxx