Thursday, October 19, 2006

I did it!!! I actually Crafted!!!!

I know I bet you are impressed now arent ya huh! Not only have I tidied up my "office", completed an essay for my OU course and played host to my mum and stepdad visiting this week I have also been crafting. I am sooooo pleased with myself can you tell? I made a card but that has to remain a secret for now, but trust me soon you will see. I also made a door hanger for my sister who is expecting a baby. I only had 10 minutes whilst Baby J napped so dont think I did too badly. The flash didnt pick up the glitter and sparkle very well on it tho. I am hoping to get a small gift scrapbook done for her before baby arrives but I only have about 3 weeks so might be a christmas pressie instead.

Talking of Christmas how organised am I , I have even brought some pressies! In other news, the big bad dr man said that there is nothing wrong with Baby J's hips at all (YAY!!), he has decided to prove this point by trying to climb the stairs and cruise round furniture! He has also gained another tooth which makes 4 in total - Where did my baby go?

I apologise for the gap in blogging dear reader but a few things happened to rock my little world. Dont really want to go into it but suffice to say some people werent who I thought they were and there was a lot of hurt on all sides. Shame really but I guess these things all happen for a reason, and I am a strong believer that the reason will be coming clear very very soon.

Till next time Ciao and remember - what doesnt kill you makes you stronger!


Kathy said...

The door hanger is so cute. I take it your baby sister know's what variety of baby she's going to be getting then!

And Tracie, I seem to remember saying that last bit to you a couple of years ago when things were tough - and just look how all that turned out eh?

Rachel said...

Hiya Tracie glad to hear baby J is ok and wow climbing the stairs and cruising - thankfully Jack is happy to sit playing where I put him, until he flops backwards and then plays marbles and rolls everywhere. Hes cutting his 6th tooth now - they are springing up like weeds in the garden!.

I love the baby hanger, and I bet your sister will love it too. Gosh J gonna be an uncle at his ripe old age hehe

Ive spotted the secret now and many congrats and ever success with it. xxx

maggie said...

Love the door hanger Tracie it's so cute.And jake is climbing the stairs gosh it doesn't seem that long since you had him they grow up to quickly.