Wednesday, November 03, 2010


oh gosh, have just checked my blog and realised how long it has been since I have posted. I promise I will have a new post up by tomorrow cos I have soooo much to show you all.

In the mean time have you seen these gorgeous sneekpeeks of a stamp range by Sugar Nellie??? Arent they just soooooo gorgeous, their little chubby faces make me think of my Grace!!

Right I am off to prepared a super long blog post for tomorrow so get ready!!!!!


Susan's crafty chaos said...

Lol, I've just started trying to leave a comment in return for everyone who leaves a comment on mine, because I think DT sometimes get overlooked and I wanted to let you all know that we're very grateful for all the lovely DT comments we get, so I'm sooooo glad you got back into posting again, otherwise I would have had to leave a comment on an old post.
But, about not posting for a while, don't feel bad, Google "Blogging without obligation" or click the button in my sidebar to read more. Basically, it says that blogging should be fun, and it's entirely up to you how often you post, so don't sweat it :D

Jenny said...

lol..good to see you back! Just popped over to say thanks for your ACE card for my challenge this week. Love the simplicity of it! Think I may well use this design for my Xmas cards. :)