Thursday, August 09, 2007

I am a BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD Blogger!

I know, I am so sorry I am such a bad blogger and I feel awful. Especially since I have also been absent from the Fabby design team over at Daring Card Makers. They are very understanding tho and have forgiven me and I have only been punished a little (only joking - i think lol!)

Thing is, and I know this is the case with many many of us, it has been a case of life simply taking priority. As much as I would love to say that crafting is my number one priority in life, its not true. As well as a crafter, I am a mother, and a housewife, and a daughter, and a wife (well nearly anyway!) and as much as I love my paper and card, other things often demand and get more of my attention. As you know I have been a bit rough with my MS lately as well as being rushed off my feet with the wedding preperations (4 weeks to go! where did the time go?" we also found out that we are very blessed to be expecting a brother or sister (my bets on the pink!) for Baby J. Surprised? So was I!!!!!! but a child is a blessing and exciting time so its been a bit manic here. And Baby Peanut is due around Late Jan/Early feb next year.

Anyhow will update more on the wedding planning and baby news later. Onto this weeks dare... I know I have made a card!!!!!

This week over at DCM it was my turn to set the dare and I chose to title it PHOTO FINISH.

This week I dare you all to make a card for any occasion but it must use a photograph in some way, shape or form. The photograph can be of anything - people, flowers, landscapes, those gorgeous vintage shots (which I am pants at using) just make sure to check the copyright of photos if you didnt take them yourself.

Wedding Card

This is a card I have made before in a different colour scheme but I really like it. I started with a A5 card base in white, which is slightly larger than I normally use but I thought the occasion called for something a little bigger. I used a purple modern wedding patterned vellum from the craft bug to cover the bottom two thirds of the card and cunningly hid the edge with an offcut of lilac satin ribbon. I used a heart clip from my craft box and threaded two (it was 3 but i lost my temper with the 3rd and threw it across the room)lengths of invisible thread with a wedding related charm and a couple of small beads, onto it and attached it to the ribbon. I printed "On your wedding day" in purple onto a piece of linen card and backed it with an offcut of purple and 3d mounted it at the bottom. I covered a card slide mount with the same purple, and printed a copyright free piccy i found of a bride and groom in black and white onto linen card. and 3d mounted it in the top corner.

Then using 3 large purple flowers from sarahs cards I embellished the empty spaces. Once that was done, I will admit to going a little mental with the hot fix crystal gun and affix little sparkly diamontes where ever i could - in the middle of the flowers, around the greeting and 3 along the bottom of the slide mount.

And then it was done, a wedding card which I am quite proud of!

I promise I will update with more baby/wedding news in a couple of days but my Mum is visiting at the moment and computer time is limited. If I havent updated by about wednesday remind me.

Dont forget to head on over to the blog and see what the rest of the gorgeous design team have created.

bye bye bloggers! xxx


sharon (glitterangel) said...

Gorgeous card, I love all the detail.

Lynne said...

Lovely card Tracie, thanks for a great dare.

4 weeks .... I can't believe it.
Take care hun...x

LisaBabe said...

Lovely card Tracie.

Congrats on your news!!!!!

Rachel said...

What fab news - wedding and wifey and new baby too - Life should come first - despite our longings to hide in the craft room - have a wonderful day and I hope the MS is improving with the pregnancy for you


Montysmum said...

Lovely card, and what a hectic life you are leading! congratulations on all your upcoming events!