Friday, May 18, 2007

Wanted : Mojo

Where has my mojo gone? I seem to have lost all inspiration this week the cause I think is lack of sleep (Baby J sprouting his 13th and 14th teeth) and pain (damn ms!). What makes it worse is that this week its my turn to set the dare over on Daring Card Makers , am beginning to wish I has set a slightly easier one.........

For this weeks dare, I dare you to "start from scratch" I want to you design a card with NO purchased/preassembled embellishments - that means no blooms unless you cut them yourself, no buttons etc etc. I guess how easy this is depends on your usual style

**insert evil laugh here**

You see what I mean? Every idea i had for this just wouldnt work or has some issue, Card one would have been great but couldnt find the wire i needed, Card 2 fell at the first hurdle when I couldnt figure out how to thread my mini sewing machine. So you ended up with Card 3.

Wedding Day.

I was very good and even folded my own card blank from a piece of gorgeous stardream pearlescent paper in opal (I think) from PDA. Problem was I didnt want Opal, I wanted a pretty pink hmmmmmmm could I find my chalks in the dungeon I call my craft room NOPE! so some creative thinking was called for. So I lightly dusted the whole of the card with "light as a feather" Natural Collection Blusher glowing dust from Boots (yes i really did). Whilst searching for the still missing chalks I found a upopened DCWV wedding Stack so using a piece of the rose patterned paper I cut 4 strips, the first of which I placed along the bottom of the card. Using more opal stardust card (unblushed!) I cut a 4 rectangles of different sizes. The first I used to mount a sentiment cut from the text sheet of the DCVW stack. The other 3 became a wedding cake. I used the 3 rectangles and offcuts to make a wedding cake shape and used the previously cut rose paper to look like ribbon. I then punched some flowers from scraps and placed them on top of the cake and either side of the "the day of our wedding" Sentiment. Finally I used Petal Pink perfect pearls to decorate the cake and the centre of the flowers. And it was finished... a pretty pink wedding cake card.

I hope you planning (or have already been ) to the DCM blog to check out the other cards made by the design team and our fabby Guest Designer this week, Bety.

I promise faithfully I will midweek blog this week as I have photos of my engagement ring and other wedding stuff to show you. If I havent then someone poke me with a pointy stick to remind me.

Bye bye bloggers