Friday, April 06, 2007

Art Attack

This week it was the turn of lovely bride to be Rhi to set the weekly dare over on Daring Card Makers Blog and boy was it a toughy ...

I dare you to make a card inspired by a work of art. If the original art is out of copyright (ie the designer has been dead for 70 years or more) then you may use elements of the original artwork in your piece. Otherwise its inspiration only. Look out for colours, patterns, textures, compositions, shapes or themes that inspire you, and remember to show us the piece of art that inspired you to create so we can see the common ground.

What is art? It's completely subjective, so your chosen inspiration could be architecture, one off design or mass produced products. Please remember to respect the right of the artist or designer not to have their work copied though, take inspiration instead and make your own art.

Right urmmm yeah, now I am one of the most unartistic people I know, I orginally started it off making a cooley dudey digital pop art inspired card but it was purely digital and although I sent it as an E-card, not sure it counted for the dare so have made another. I may show you the other one later in the week.

For this one I enlisted the help of my much more artistic future husband. Lately he has been very much into the artistic styling of a certain Mr Bob Ross, whose Joy of Painting TV show on Discovery real time is a bizarre trip into a very strange world - Watch it and see! (or do a search for Bob Ross on You Tube)

Anyhow back to the story, A while ago W was trying to teach me to paint in that style (which can I add i was awful at), after an hour or so and having done the sea and mountains I got bored and tired and got W to finish the trees and foreground (which is the best part of the pic IMO).
For this card we creatively edited (read chopped up) the painting to isolate W's tree and landscape, and a little bit of MY mountain and sky too!!!!!! I didnt want to do too much to the picture as I felt it was quite striking on its own so didnt want to ruin it. W (full of creativity this week!) suggested a signpost so we made a little one and wrote "wish you were here" on it. This was then simply mounted onto a piece of dark green textured bazzill card with slits cut for the top piece and a leaf motif cut in the bottom corner, inlaid with a lighter green colour. That way if the recipient decides to, the picture can be removed and framed seperately.

And there you have it, a pretty card with a unique piece of artwork. If you havent already head on over to Daring Card Makers to see the other art forms which are inspiring us this week.
In the words of good old Bob Ross

Till next time .... happy painting and God bless my friends xxxx


Anonymous said...

I love your combined artwork... and the wish you were here sign is a great addition.

manicstamper said...

Fab.....I actually love watching Bob Ross and would love to be able to paint like this.

Esther said...

Ah so you did this card.... I wanderd, really amazing will go back and read how you did it, I am still after your address!!! to send your prize!? Here is my email again

Paula said...

gorgeous artwork, Tracy!!

Gillian Hamilton said...

Oh wow... I thought it was just a print... how clever are you two...
I'm most!.. Gorgeous card and I love the little sign post too.. :o)

Angelnorth said...

Very impressive - I can't do any kind of realistic drawing or painting so I'm always impressed when other people can! Love the way you've done the grassy frame on this too.

Kathy said...

This is a fab card - you are soooo clever.

I've never ever managed to paint anything that looks anything but a 3yr old's splodge!