Thursday, March 29, 2007

Going Green

Hi guys,

What a manic week I have had this week. Every had one of those weeks where you need at least an extra 4 hours a day to just keep up with things?
I started off with all good intentions but things cropped up - a friend in need, another friend with a computer problem. As such things I needed to get done fell by the wayside so cue a lot of late nights to catch up. I am doing a Open University BA Degree and have an exam soon so have lots of studying to do. Anyway enough of my moaning and onto the good stuff.

Its Dare day and this week it was Lythan's turn to be the dastardly darer.

Monochrome Madness

You can do anything you like on a card as long as you only use one colour. It may just help you appreciate the varied tones and hues of blue, red, yellow, orange - or how about a totally white card?
I can't wait to see the card rainbow we produce!
Seemed easy at first glance but I didnt realise how many "bits" I used without thinking about them, you know a brad here, a bit of printed text there, some black ink round the edges - except all of these were only allowed in the right colour. So here is this weeks attempt.
I started off by singing the theme tune to Rainbow whilst looking through my stash to see what I had of the same colour group.
Hey presto I found a Fourz set from

Bazzill Basics ah ha I thought!

I folded a piece of the Rain Forest colour in half to make my base card and attached a smaller piece of spring breeze. To that I stuck a piece of green patterned paper (the writing is light green IRL) from April 05 (still available) kit from Self Addressed.

I handcut (badly! my apologies) the word HI from a piece of the Lily Pond Bazzill and edged it with a dark green coloured pencil (sob I sooo wanted to ink it!) and attached that to the card. I then searched my flower pot and found 3 of varying sizes in green shades from Sarahs Cards which I stuck together (desperatly trying to avoid the urge to stick a gold brad in the centre!) and hey presto a card that fitted the bill.

This dare has taught me that I must buy more basic stash (inkpads, brads etc) in more colours - hmm not sure that was Lythan's aim?

Why not head over to the Daring Card Makers blog to see the rainbow the rest of the design team have created.

Will be back mid week with a weddingy update - if I forget someone gently remind me xx


Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Wonderful card - Your free hand letters are great!

Rhi said...

Gorgeous Tracie, I love the background paper and the shades of green you've used are fab together. rhi x

manicstamper said...

Your handcut letters are fab.

Gillian Hamilton said...

ahhhh... a girls just gotta love her green... this is so cute Tracie.. I love the PP too.. I think 'hi' is such a great greeting on a card, useful for so many occassions..

CarolineO said...

Fabby card.

Sam Morris said...

Great card! Love the greens you've used!

Esther said...

Oo lovely card, well done on cutting the letters! I know how tricky that can be...

Esther said...

Well done please email me your adress to thanks for joining it- it was worth it!

Kathy said...

Love the green - and you're such a clever wotsit to hand cut your word!