Thursday, March 08, 2007

MidWeek Chat

Hello Everyone,

Thanks to Kathy for the midweek blog reminder. Although it might be slightly boring as not much has gone on here.

How is everyone doing with this weeks Dare? There has been some stunning entries this week, I am hoping you arent all too mad at me?

Craft wise this week not much has gone on, mainly cos my craft room looks like the scene of a hurricane. It's having a new desk and everything built which cant be done until I sort everything but I havent had the energy lately. I will attempt it this weekend, then I can show you all pictures of my yummy new desk setup. I will be at standing height with a bar stool so I can sit or stand. W has also made a funky rubbish chute thing at the back of the desk so all i do is push all my rubbish towards the back of my desk and they fall down a small slot into the bin. I think he thinks it has more chance of making me tidy. I finished that order for ruby wedding invites and that has been all delivered and done. Big thanks here to a great friend who sat and hand glued 9 tiny hearts on 50 invites! Nearly had a panic attack towards the end as each one had the same greeting written four times. you know when you look at something so long it looks wrong. As I was writing greeting number 199 I said to W "errm how do you spell surprise" I was convinced it was wrong, luckily it wasnt, i was just having a brain freeze.

In other stuff this week, we picked up baby J's professional pics, he is such a goodlooking lad, even if I do say so myself. I am having a bit of a sad mummy moment this week as I am not sure where my baby has gone. He was sat there on the floor playing when I went into the kitchen. Then this little grown up walked into the kitchen with his cup signing "mum, more" I miss the little one who depended on me for everything. Wedding wise, vicar depending we have a date! We have also been and brought the material for the bridesmaids dresses and a great friend and talented beader is making our tiaras for us. Check out Lisa's amazing work! (oops wrong link sorry Lise! will update with the new one asap) I am so lucky to be able to have a tiara from her for my wedding!

Well thats me signing off for this week as baby J and I are off shopping today. Dont forget tomorrow is Dare Day. See you there!

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Kathy said...

It's good to catch up with all that's happening - scary that Baby J isn't such a baby anymore, I can understand why it makes you feel a bit sad. The wedding plans sound exciting - fab that Lisa is making your jewellery - her stuff is soooo lovely.

Ohhh the number of times I've done that spelling thing and been convinced that something is wrong - and it's usually the simple words that just don't look right, even though the are.