Thursday, September 18, 2008

All Mixed Up

Its my turn to set the dare this week over on Daring Card Makers, and I thought about somthing close to my heart.

Now I am a car crazy girl, my husband will freely admit I know as much as him, infact more on some models, about cars. He will quite happily ask my opinion on a car fault and I know how to race, strip and rebuild a car, yet this is frowned about cos I am *shock horror* a GIRL! and my little boy loves Dolls and pushchairs, but as a woman in asda said the other day when he was playing with a pushchair "you arent seriously going to buy him that are youou ?"

So this week I want you to make a card that mixes up the gender ideas a little, be it cars for girls, or pink flowers for boys. Dont forget to leave us a comment over on the DCM blog to show us what you have made.

Girl Racer (with wobbly car!!!)

This card was simple and hasnt turned out quite how I hoped but fingers crossed I will try it again sometime and get better results.

I basically folded an acetate sheet over a plain white DL sized card blank. I used a black sharpie marker to doodle a checkered flag border, and used a doodle font idea to write the word GIRL, and then just scribbled racer next to it. I then used a hot pink marker to colour in some of the letters (note: do not use sharpie markers for long periods at close ranges, they give you a woozy headachey feeling!)

Then I drew two little cars on hot pink card and cut round them. I stuck one on the card blank under the acetate. The second I attached to a folded piece of acetate to make a springy bit, and attached it to the overlay so it boings a little.


Keryn Campbell said...

Fab Card. I am so in awe of the fact that you can draw.

jay670120 said...

you have set a great challenge , if you fancy another challenge why not pop over and join us at its worth a look and great prizes can be won theres nothing to loose x

Kirsty Wiseman said...

gorge card! Love wobblies xx

thanks for leaving the message about "Holland" the other day on my blog. Ive heard it before but I love that you reminded me of it.

You have a good heart xx

Cardmaking Galore said...

lovely card!