Thursday, April 19, 2007

Funky Felt

Happy Friday! This week was the turn of uber-talented Gillian to set the dare for us cardmakers.


that's right..... felt is just so HOT at the Moment....
so you can create what ever sorta card you like, just as long as it has felt included....

ideas... cut flowers with your U-Bute Cutting Machines... or hand cut them...Borders cut with pinking shears... lots of Naive stitching with embroidery floss onto it... check out all the different types of felt you can get these days..
And I believe you can even buy premade scrapbooking felt flowers..( not that my LSS has them..grrrr...)
oh and don't forget to have fun

Hmm well as anyone who knows me understands I have a bit of a sensory, tactile obsession. Somethings I can touch for hours (freshly cut mens hair, paper, suede) others I cant bear touching (corned beef, certain plastics) unfortunatly felt also falls in the second heading. So imagine if you will, a lone crafter stood at the table, tools in front of her, paper pattern attached to said felt, scissors in hand..... and this is how it went

Step 1 - pick up felt whilst pulling faces

Step 2 - Cut felt for as long as can bear

Step 3 - drop felt, shudder, shout "urrrrgggghhhhh"

Step 4 - Repeat until piece cut!

Yes trust me I looked a sight! So onto this weeks dare......


Using a piece of scrap paper I quickly drew out the shape of the cupcake, which i then cut out and put the relevent part on the right coloured felt and pinned it in place. Following the above steps I cut each piece out. I found a piece of white embroidery floss in my craft box and (repeating the drop, shudder, urrggghhh technique) and used it to roughly sew the outline of the cake case, and again round the edges of the icing. I made a sprinkle topping by using aforesaid thread to sew little beads randomly to the topping and a big heart bead at the top.

I drew roughly round the offending item ( ;o) ) on white card, cut it out and edged it with pink ink then 3d mounted the cupcake on it. I then cut a piece of pink felt and a piece of Rasberry Ripple Sassafras Lass Paper from this months self addressed kit and mounted it all together. I attached the whole lot to the white square papermania card base with 4 mini pink brads by makingmemories.

And there we go, a pretty pink cupcake card for any occasion. Dont forget to hop on over to the blog to see what other felt creations the design team have designed this week.


NickyNoo said...

Mmmm, looks good enough to eat! Very pretty.

Kathy said...

I know what you mean about the feel of felt - sometimes it's a bit like nails on a blackboard all sort of squeeky and weird.

It was worth the effort though as this card looks good enough to eat....but I don't think I'd fancy the felty bits between my teeth,uggghhh

Lisa said...

gorgeous card!! am with you 100% with the felt thing (and Kathy too!) am getting wiggy just thinking about it!!

Frog said...

Mmmmm great card its making me hungrey, i think i will raid the cupboard.

Andrea xx

Angelnorth said...

Well done - it was worth persevering as the card looks fab! The acrylic felt usually sold to crafters sets my teeth on edge but I find decent wool felt is much easier to handle!

Rhi said...

This is such a cute card Tracie, I love the girly pink. You made me giggle with your description of the ugh, drop, technique. Im ok with felt but nylon does that to me!

Gillian Hamilton said...

oh the things a girl has to go through to make a card!... oh hun, thankyou for touching the felt, I'm sorry it's icky, icky stuff for you... your a gem!
and you make very Delicious Cards too, esp this one ;o)

manicstamper said... are so brill at drawing shapes.

Keryn Campbell said...

Hi Tracie, you've been tagged. Come over to my blog to see what I've got you into.

Frog said...

Hi Tracie its me again, sorry ive tagged you.Go onto my blogg to see what to do.

Andrea xx

Frog said...

Hi Tracie its me again, sorry youve been tagged by me, goand look at my blog.

Andrea xx

Rainowgirl said...

I'd have given up Tracie. You deserve a star for perseverance. The cake is good enough to eat