Wednesday, February 21, 2007

MidWeek Blog....

Are you impressed, its only Wednesday, I am blogging and all without prompting! I am afraid it may be boring but its the thoughts that count right?

Have got quite a bit done this week. I have managed to cut and prepare all the bits and pieces to do 50 party invites that were ordered. A fantastic friend of mine has offered to come over and help in the putting together for me so by this time next week they will be done. I have also been busy with boring coursework stuff. At the moment I am doing a BA in Youth and Childhood Studies through the open university, good job I thrive on deadlines!

Apart from that not much going on? just a bit of surfing about on the net and mundane housewifey things. Found this tag on Kirsty's Blog so thought I would have a go ..

Given the prompts below - you have to explain who or what you were thinking or liked that day.

A vegetable - At the moment, sweetcorn, in a tin or on the cob, cant get enough!
A fruit - Strawberries (preferbly with meringue and squirty cream!!)
A colour - At the moment as dreary as it sounds I am loving slate grey
A household object - hmmm I am not a natural housewife! but i would say my JBL stereo and Ipod dock (god I am such a geek sometimes!
A Drink - Fresh juice, this week am switching between apple, orange and exotic fruit
A famous person - John Barrowman, one word.. YUM!
A Film Character - You know what am not a big film person
A cartoon Character - Its not a cartoon but does kids tv count? if so Dibdab, scribble and Stick from Doodle Do
A Car - Well obviously I love Geoffry my fiesta but I think ultimately my car of the moment is the Rx-8 (wankle! hmm makes no sense unless you are a petrolhead)
A city - hmm difficult one, I love the culture of Barcelona
A country - hmm no idea
A mythical Creature - Angels
A chocolate bar - Twirls or Crunchies
A book - No way can I narrow it down to one, depends on my mood!
A sport - I am sorry have you ever seen the size of me? Although I love motorsport
A word -I love words, I am using "shocking" way too much lately
One of your family - My nan, at the front of my thoughts every single day
One of your friends - Can I have 2? Michelle, for helping me so much with my cards at the moment, and Emma for offering to do a major favour for me which will save about £1000! ..which leads nicely onto the news I promised to share...

I AM GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!! either late this year or next but wheels are definately in motion.

And on the bombshell I bid you goodnight xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Rhi said...

Whooohooooo Huge Congratulations Tracie :D Cant wait to talk dresses, cake, flowers, invites... xx

Kathy said...

Many many congratulations on your exciting news.
You sound way too busy Tracie, but it's better than being bored eh?

LisaBabe said...

Wow Tracie - congratulations - I nearly missed it tucked away at the bottom of your post.


Saffa said...


Congratulations Tracie!! WOW two DCM weddings more excitment than I can take!


Jo said...

Huge huge congratulations, that is fantastic news woohoo!!!

Jo xx

Paula said...

I wish you great happiness. There is definately something in the air!
sadly not here!!

Anonymous said...

woo hooooooooooooooooooo - you know how excited I am lol! Lisa xx

Gillian Hamilton said...

Congratulations Tracie... so happy for you, I hope you really enjoy this special time in the lead up to your wonderful wedding!.. xxx

Rachel said...

omg many many congrats hun, how exciting (and about time too *wink*) hows that little man of yours too xx