Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

I hope everyone has had a fab valentines day and got lots of nice things for their beloved? I got a card and a rose, as well as a yummy cooked meal by candlelight ahhhhhh! Jacob got his first valentine too, although it was from his Nanna! Any really romantic boyfriends out there?

Mine has been driving me mad this week as he is off work with a pulled stomach muscle (although you would think he was dying!). No wait please dont feel sorry for him its self inflicted. You know the new Nintendo Wii system, and sword game they have been advertising. Well W at the ripe age of 34, has hurt himself playing with his toys!

Anyhow, thanks Kathy for the subtle reminder that the week was getting on and I hadnt blogged. Seriously tho my life is that boring there is very little to blog about. On the crafty side I have been quite busy, having recieved an order for 50 ruby wedding party invites and enquiries about a civil partnership stationery package. I have also made a altered clock for my mummy(pics soon I promise) as well as already nearly done on this weeks card for DCM (now that is a first!)

Well just a quick entry tonight as the other half needs my attention, after all its Valentines day., will be back friday with the Dare, and maybe early next week with some exciting news!

Love to everyone, everywhere! xxx

1 comment:

Kathy said...

aww bless his wii cotton socks!
Tell him you'll take his toys away if he doesn't take more care!

Sounds like you're keeping nice and busy, will be waiting for those pictures then! Good news re the order