Thursday, January 11, 2007

Handbags and Gladrags .....

This Weeks Dare was set by Lovely Lythan Her dare was

Raid your wardrobes!
This week I want you to get some inspiration from your clothes. Look through the wardrobe, drawers (or washing piles in my case). Are there any patterns that inspire you? A certain way the clothes are put together? You can echo the patterns in some way or even scan your clothes in! OR use something that would go on clothing on your card.
Yes, this week ours will be the best dressed cards in the neighbourhood!
Well to be honest the first thing I did was panic after all the only thing my wardrobe contains is Jeans, and only blue jeans at that, cue artistic director W with his bright ideas (actually give him credit he does design quite a bit for me!) and said why not look at your Radley Bags.
I have a soft spot for the stupidly expensive but 0h-so-lush Radley range of handbags but sadly as my Nan used to say "champagne tastes and beer money", however I also have a very generous sister in Law who has purchased them as birthday pressies! I know how lucky am I!
So with a large portion of design input from 'im Indoors meet my Radley inspired card, and for once I am pleased with it!!

Rising Flower Radley Design

Firstly I used a handbag card blank from CraftWork Cards as a template as it was the wrong colour, I drew it onto black card and cut it out. I then stuck a strip of pale blue textured card across the bottom of it. Using the same card and the autotrace function on my Robo friend (I am pleased to report we have settled out technical differences and are once again very much in love) to cut the radley dog logo. I cut a strip of the same card for a collar and set a white eyelet to hold the ribbon to make it into the trademark tag. I also used a knitting needle (technical gadgets me!) to emboss the word RADLEY on the dog.
Using a white gel pen I drew faux (read cheaters way!) stitching with a white gel pen around the edge of the dog and the cardstock strip. I also drew a stitched flower design on the side of the bag. I also used a pencil to add stitching round the handbag itself.

This is the stunning bag that inspired me and it can be seen with the entire collection on the Radley Website and purchased for the heartbreaking price of around £100!

Daring Card makers would also like to welcome the talented Gillian to our team and wish her all the best as she joins us on our creative Journey.

Well then my blogging friends I am off now until Sunday to visit my mummy where she is holding a 1st birthday party for Baby J. I am sure its all a mistake and he isnt actually 1 yet! On my return I promise to blog more as I read a comment (cant remember who from sorry!) on their blog about the dissappointment that we only blog on launch day. I promise to make an effort!

Till next time handbag lovers xxxx


Dollydimps said...

Tracie that's a brilliant card!!!! I have to admit I share your weakness for Radley bags and am often to be found drooling over them on ebay!


Susan said...

How clever to do a take of a Radley Handbag! I like it - I enjoyed reading about how you made it, too. These dares are a lot of fun and so inspiring - thanks for sharing :-D

Kathy said...

It's a great card Tracie - I bet there are a few more inspirating handbags lurking in peoples' wardrobes too!

Paula said...

We are one of a kind. I have a sister that buys me Radley bags!!!
I love them, they are so cute. I did buy myself a mini pink one for summer months & it cost me £50!!! But them were the days when I earned far more money!!!
Love that card it is so real.

Gillian Hamilton said...

Oh does your SIL know how to spoil you :o)...
Love this card.. it's so amazing... and that Handbag - Yummy... I hope you have had a wonderful time celebrating with baby J...

Rhi said...

I love this card Tracey, its stunning!

Frog said...

Wow Tracie love it, how much did you pay for the bag!!!! do you use it?

Andrea xx

Paula said...

What a brilliant idea for the card. I love the little dogs on Radley bags. Well done xx

Maisymary's Findings said...

Love the idea behind your card & how you made the scottie charm too !

totally adorable !

ttfn, Pealr

Mary-Beth said...

Such a neat card and a great interpretation of THE BAG!!